Blast to the Past: Static #1


We’re going back in time for this review and discuss Milestone Comics; In 1993 four African American Artists and Writers, Dwayne McDuffie, Denys Cowan, Michael Davis, and Derrick T. Dingle came together and formed a Company; they stated that Minorities were severely being underrepresented in American Comics. So after beginning their company, their comics were being distributed by DC Comics. Today, we’ll be going over one of their heroes Static. Static was one of the first four titles that were introduced by Milestone in 1993, which Static would get a Cartoon series “Static Shock“. The cartoon series was hugely popular for four years.


Credit: Milestone Media, John Paul Leon, Dwayne McDuffie

One of the good things about this issue is that you have Virgil, your typical Teenager who has a great family has his insecure moments but you have a parallel to Peter Parker going on here (Not saying it’s a bad thing but this is only the first issue). John Paul Leon’s work is good in this issue, his action sequences are great but some of the emotional expressions or felt exaggerated. But again, When you’re a teenager sometimes a lot of things you say and do turn out to be exaggerated. Although, when the girl finds out his secret identity in the last panel was quite a shocker (No Pun intended!). Although it beats the all-time traditional disguise of wearing a pair of Glasses. I’m looking at you Clark Kent! The family interaction I enjoyed, Dwayne and Robert. L Washington’s script is solid but has had some criticism in the past but overall, this was a solid first issue.

Milestone and heroes such as Static have inspired a lot of people, take this fan film, for example, made by David Kirkman and Woke Nation Productions

Final Grade

Rating: 7 out of 10.

Dwayne McDuffie and the Milestone Company have created memorable characters, Heroes and Villains and to this day is one of the pinnacles of Comic Book Readers and Collectors, Static is one of the heroes that teenagers can relate to, Like Spider-Man both Peter and Miles. The recent season of Young Justice: Outsiders has welcomed Dwayne McDuffie and Milestone’s characters into their line-up. So if you’re looking for a good read, check out Static.


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