Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac- Season One Review


Today I’m looking into the 3DCG Animated adaption of Kurumada Masami‘s hit manga Saint Seiya, about a young teen who is recruited by a man named Alman Kido; he is joined by other Bronze Saints to defend the Goddess Athena, the series adapts the manga arcs of the Galaxan Wars and the Black Saints. While this series has met with critics and to be honest, it could view the different series’ as a Elseworld story or perhaps a parallel universe.

Saint Seiya-Knights of the Zodiac
Image Credit: Netflix

While this embraced Greek Mythology, our story finds us with protagonist Seiya fighting for his life in Sanctuary and fighting for the Pegasus Cloth. He is on the search for his sister who was taken from him when he was only a child. After Seiya won the cloth, he became a Bronze Saint. which some of the dialogue is stale in some scenes, accompanied by some bad one-liners that will make you cringe. The animation is similar to another anime I reviewed on Netflix and that was Ultraman, it has a great frame rate and it gives a nostalgic feeling for fans that grew up watching Saint Seiya. As for the voice acting, the dub actors do good in the portrayal of the Saints, but the Black Saints are not that great.

The Character designs stay true to Kurumada Masami’s Manga, but it has had controversy involving in Andromeda Shun’s Gender. The Black Saints designs aren’t that great, these characters look like they’re on their way to a WWE event, too stereotypical, falling on an old animation trope of a Strong man; and that is the Jock. While I have listed the negative things about the series I have to admit that the show does have great qualities and potential.

Final Grade:

Rating: 5 out of 10.

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