Keep your hands off Eizouken: A Love Letter for Animators and Storytellers


It has been said by a lot of Anime sites, blogs that the newest anime that has premiered recently called Keep your hands off Eizouken has won over fans and artists with its creativity and wonderful storytelling. If you’re not familiar with this series it is about three girls on a quest to make and produce their own anime, written and illustrated by Mangaka Sumito Ōwara this was adapted on the manga published in Shogakukan’s Seinen Manga Magazine Monthly Big Comic Spirits.

In a recent article posted on Crunchyroll, Nick Creamer, Owner of the blog Wrong Every Time discussed Eizouken’s embodiment of the messy thrill of storytelling; what it also reminds me of too was Walt Disney’s ‘The Magical World of Disney’ segment called “The Plausible Impossible” and “The Tricks of Our Trade.” He discussed how drawings and animation have impossible things seem plausible, also going into detail on several details into the different techniques of animation including how it was done, including the introduction of the Multiplane Camera which would be used in their films such as Bambi, Snow White, and the Seven Dwarfs, and Pinocchio. Below this paragraph, there will be a gallery and a video explaining what the Camera can do and how it helps animators and storytellers bring their stories to life.

The Multiplane Camera introduction from Walt Disney’s ‘Tricks of our Trades’.

The pictures above are from episode two when the trio go to the storage room to get an Animation Studio Desk for the Studio, they discover also leftover items such as paint, ink, and other materials that would benefit their dream, Mizusaki and Asakusa discover the multiplane camera and camera stand in which Asakusa explained what the machine was for.


Eizouken starts us at the beginning of the creative process in terms of artistic inspiration and collaboration, Asakusa and Mizusaki are young and passionate with specific interests that make collaboration so fascinating for many artists today. It is inspirational for so many artists, storytellers, and lovers of Anime.

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