Recovery of an MMO Junkie

Recovery of an MMO Junkie

“I chose the NEET life, I’m the Elite LEET.” Moriko Morioka

In my latest review, I chose the Romantic Comedy that is an anime adaption of the manga called Neto-Jū Susume or by the English title Recovery of an MMO Junkie. We meet a young woman named Moriko Morioka, she is a 30-year-old woman who worked in the Sales Department of a company for 11 years, ever since she graduated High School; disillusioned by life, she quit her job and became a NEET. She turned to play MMORPGs, in finding out that her old MMO closed down, she starts a new game and meets a player named Lily, who in real life is a man named Yuuta Sakurai. As the two players quest and play together online suddenly their real lives begin to intertwine.

Neto-Jū Susume Opening- Saturday Night’s Question

One of the things I would like to say in starting this review is that I admired the way they portrayed Social Anxiety, in most shows the character’s problems are usually exaggerated or they are made to look humorous, in the case of Moriko we see that she isn’t like Characters such as Natsuki Subaru and Kazumo Sato, this goes especially for how she is portrayed; her life is a mess and if this was a high school setting, she would have been written off as a loser and thankfully it isn’t the case here. Early in the series, you can tell that she didn’t quit her job because she was bored in real life, it adds sensitivity to her problems such as making little notes in avoiding places where she has made mistakes in conversations, freaking out from uninvited social interaction and then turning down said invitations to avoid awkward situations.

With it being an adaption of the manga of the same name, it stays true to the material at hand, while it isn’t Sword Art Online or Overlord, the battles are not deadly interpersonal fights and no fight to the deaths, the game Fruits der Mer is refreshing and the characters realize its just an MMORPG, a game with no dire consequences but with the way the show is set up it is really weird to see them do cutaways from their characters and the players but it does at least set up a way to show off the stark weirdness of the situations at hand. One interesting note, one of the other things that are good about this series was that they focused on the emotional struggles of the characters, and it was a good way to make them more relatable and not something you could write off.

Final Grade:

Rating: 6 out of 10.
Image Credit: Play-Asia

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