Animaniacs Reboot is underway!

Animaniacs Logo

Ever since its first announcement regarding the reboot, people have been curious to know when or if the Animaniacs would return, and when they returned would it be with the original cast? A podcast called the Animanicast, they recently reported on social media on the status of the reboot. Currently, other than that, this has been kept secret mostly from the lack of information on hand.

Animaniacs Goodfeathers Q-Fig MAX Figure
The Goodfeathers, our favorite mobster pigeons, strut down a New York City sidewalk in this charming Q-Fig MAX! As seen in the TV series Animaniacs from Warner Bros. Animation, Pesto, Bobby, and Squit are looking betta’ than eva’. Measuring 4-inches tall, this Goodfeathers Q-Fig MAX Figure comes packaged in a window box. Pick one up today because no one wants to get on the bad side of the Godpigeon!

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