Peter Porker, The Spectacular Spider-Ham Issue #1 Review


Whammo! Spider-Ham is back in a new series, Peter Porker is ready for more interdimensional shenanigans and more puns! We dive into the crazy, silly earth known as Earth-8311, Spider-Ham and the Sca-vengers are in the middle of a fierce battle with the Evil Moletron! Much to our Heroes dismay, Pete is still a jerk but he still keeps things interesting as the story goes on. Written by Zeb Wells and the Artistic team of Will Robson, Erick Arciniega, and Letterer, Joe Caramagna

Spider-Ham #1
Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment

One of the things I enjoyed about this first issue was that it had a light-hearted feel to it, over the past few years we’ve grown accustomed to dark stories, whether it involves a Zombie Apocalypse, Corruption, Alien Invasions, or Murderous Psychopaths; this is something that we’ve desperately needed to read. Our story began with a crazy origin sequence, clear to see that Zeb Wells is blending in Into the Spider-Verse Movie and the comics in quite nicely, you can see the Sca-Vengers are in the middle of a fierce battle with Ultron (Moletron) and don’t want Spider-Ham’s help.

Spider-Ham and Scav-engers
Image Credit: Marvel

The Humor in this first issue is fantastic, be ready for Superhero and Animal Puns, if anything this is the most Puntastic Comic of 2019, let’s discuss the artwork in this issue, the artwork, done by Artist Will Robson gives the reader a classic feel to it, like reading ‘Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo-Crew!‘ A comic I would recommend the reader to check out if they are looking for another Anthromorphic Superhero story to read. The coloring was handled by Erick Arciniega, the artwork and colors are clean, with each panel and each page it is smooth and textured but an aged look that is so nostalgic. The Letters is done by Joe Caramagna, his work was one of the things that made this book great as well.

Spider-Ham: Caught in a Ham!

Final Grade:

Rating: 9 out of 10.

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