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The Curtain may have gone down for the Anime’s first season but the Beastars Stage Play is still in production, Paru Itagaki’s Beastars has been one of the big hits of 2019, after the success of the Anime, it was announced that there would be a Stage Play and this was met with ecstatic fans and of course critics who looked for a way to mock the Furry Fandom. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the new Visuals and of course, the Cast introduced:


  • Shōta Kawakami as Legosi
  • Ryōhei Takenaka as Rui
  • Sakina Kuwae as Haru

At a high school where the students are literally divided into predators and prey, it’s personal relationships that maintain the fragile peace. Who among them is a Beastar—an academic and social role model destined to become a leader in a society naturally rife with mistrust?

Last night at Cherryton Academy, an herbivore student was killed and eaten. Among the members of the drama club, the herbivores’ suspicions naturally turn to their carnivore classmates… The prime suspect? Legosi, a large wolf. But he wouldn’t hurt a fly—or would he? And will dwarf rabbit Haru bring out the beast in him? Or are his feelings for her…something else?

Viz Media Synopsis


  • Thursday, April 30, 2020-May 4 (Mon, Holiday)
    • Venue: Nikkei Hall, Tokyo
    • Schedule: Friday, May 8, 2020-Sunday, May 10
    • Venue: Osaka Prefecture Matsushita IMP Hall

For more information on the Play, including comments from the Actors and Actresses, check out Comic Natalie and Beastars Stage Play Twitter. And if you would like to read my other articles regarding Beastars, click here.

Beastars Anime Opening
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