Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child Review

Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child Cover

Frank Miller, one of the things you can say about him is that he brought Batman out of the Campy depths of Hell, but here we are, now 33 years later, and his Dark Knight Returns story continues Three years after the events of the Master Race.

Carrie Kelly, who was a former Robin, Catgirl, and now has taken on the Mantle of the Bat and become Batwoman. We’re also seeing Superman, Wonder Woman’s Son, and Daughter, Jonathan, and Lara in action as well. Donald Trump is the puppet of Darkseid and Joker (While this seemingly serves as an allegory of Trump being a puppet when it comes to Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin, It comes as no surprise that there is Political Commentary involved in Miller’s work but sometimes it can be muddled at times, the reader can get a good grasp on it and it was one of the things that stayed true to Comics over the years.)

Today we’re going to review Miller and Rafael Grampá’s latest adventure in the world of Batman!

As I mentioned in the Review introduction involving Miller’s Political Commentary when he was first starting for DC on The Dark Knight Returns, it was similar to Alan Moore’s writing, except speaking out against Eighties Conservatism. Now, when looking over this book it does give some nods to the current political climate in the Trump Era of Politics, the outrage, and protests against his policies and then the Joker Crowd symbolizing the ones who follow the President Blindly. We had Lara and Jonathan watching in Judgement of human beings, both as half Amazon and half Kryptonian viewing the plight of humans as Ants it would seem but in this story, we’re seeing them come into their own as Heroes but still in a narrow view. Rafael Grampá’s artwork in this story is a good fit for Frank’s story, while the plot is a mess and gargled at times, Rafael does a great job in showing the serious nature of the Story’s current environment.


There are quite a bit of hidden gems in this story when it comes to Real World Headlines. It has gotten DC in trouble recently when it came to advertising for this book and since something popular as The Dark Knight to generate profit for the Publisher. The Characterization here of Jonathan is fascinating, I say this because here you have a child who is considered to be the “Golden Child” due to his remarkable strength and what he genetically inherited from his mother and father, Wonder Woman and Superman.

Final Grade

Rating: 6.5 out of 10.

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