The Mandalorian Episodes 1-4 Review

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When it was announced during the Disney Plus announcement and went into further discussion during the Star Wars Celebration in Chicago, fans were eagerly awaiting more information and of course a trailer. Then finally, November 12th arrived, and the fans were blown away by The Mandalorian. So shocked that the entire web has nothing wrong with this new show (Which like most fandoms, Star Warps is one of the oldest pop culture fandoms that is plagued with Toxicity.) But that’s a different subject for another time.

We’re going to review the first four episodes of The Mandalorian which take place after the fall of the Empire and we follow the Adventure of a Bounty Hunter, who found out that this Bounty that everyone was after is a Child (Who spawned Memes and won the hearts of fans all over.) He betrays the Guild and runs away. Let’s begin our review!

Episodes one through three work well as a setup to get to know our new Anti-Hero gives us a small glimpse of what brought him into the life he has grown accustomed to, but also something we’re familiar with when watching the earlier Star-Wars films, for example, the Carbonite used to keep the Aliens who had bounties on them from escaping and the Storm Troopers we’re seeing here are Remnant Troopers who’ve become Mercenaries that are used for Warlords or Gangsters, it is good to know what had happened to stormtroopers after the Battle of Endor. We know nothing about the Client, just a reminder of how crooked the Empire was; this client also was working with another new character who was a scientist named Doctor Pershing. In some cases, Star Wars films have a bad history when introducing new characters due to bad writing (mainly whether they are Gary Stus or Mary Sues.) We also meet the leader of the Bounty Hunters’ Guild named Greef Karga, the Guild has had its share of well-known Hunters (the Guild originated from the 1998 Star Wars Novel called “The Mandalorian Armor” which was carried over into the 2014 junior novel “Ezra’s Gamble“.)

The Child
‘The Child’
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The Child is another fascinating addition to Star Wars Lore, one that is the same species as Yoda and can use the Force, it does make me curious to see what the Client wanted the child for; possibly to use it for evil or to bring back the Empire. The battles are well done, well-choreographed and the writing is good; not too slow, not too fast, it is just right in terms of story pace. Carl Weathers is a good addition to this franchise, he isn’t a stranger in terms of Sci-Fi and has starred in movies and video games such as The Predator and Mortal Kombat X as Jax Briggs (Dillon Themed fighter Skin) and now the latest VR show called “DeFrost: The Virtual Series“, episode four was an interesting nod to Westerns and of course, Eastern homages as well. There were complaints about a woman in the village who instantly knew how to fire a gun but honestly, who cares?

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Final Grade:

Rating: 7 out of 10.

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