Far-Sector Issue #1 Review


In April, it was announced during the new Young Animal line that we would be getting a new Green Lantern. Even though we do not know much about her, or have seen her in action, (Until now) fans have had a feeling of excitement, and curiosity when it comes to introducing a new hero into the multiverse. 3600 Sectors make up the “Guardian Space” but we’re getting a chance to explore a new world and a new galaxy.

It’s about time we explore a new Sector and this new review.

Our story begins in The City Enduring, a society that houses three groups of species, that have a complex history. The species have a complex history but there hasn’t been a violent crime in 500 years, until now. We meet our newest heroine, Jo Mullein, who wields a special power ring, one that doesn’t require a charge. It differed from the Power Rings that we’re used to seeing with other GL members. As mentioned before that the reason there hasn’t been a violent crime in this city is that the races have been stripped of their emotion, but now, there has been a violent crime committed and it is up to Jo to figure out who is the culprit.


If you’re not familiar with this writer, N.K. Jemisin is an American Science Fiction and Fantasy writer (Who is also a Psychologist), well known for her works such as The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, The Broken Earth Series, and the Broken Kingdoms. Jemisin’s vision of the Green Lantern mythos is a great new experience, nothing against other writers that have written the Green Lantern Comics, but it is nice to have a new perspective on a new environment and Character.

Also, as I’ve discussed in my first review of Naomi, Jamal Campbell’s art is astounding, seriously, in this issue he handled both colors and the pencil work for this series; the panels and layouts are done perfectly and in sync with the atmosphere of the story. Speaking of the story, is about a society that is reeling from the ramifications of Colonism.

Final Grade:

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

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