“Something is off in this town..” The Mystery begins in Naomi #1 Review


We find ourselves in an intriguing mystery, more intriguing than the recent fight with Mongul and Superman that was taking place in Oregon! Will, we be up in our necks in danger? Will we ever get a chance to see Superman up close?Let’s begin solving this mystery and review now!

Grab your notebooks, a pencil, a magnifying glass and maybe your decoder ring! Here are some clues.


Image Credit: Jamal Campbell, DC Comics

We begin the story with reactions from the citizens of Port Oswego, Oregon, who were ecstatic about something amazing happening in their small town, then we meet our newest character, the protagonist in this mystery her name is Naomi, who missed an Amazing seventeen second battle between Mongul and Superman. With the town still buzzing with excitement, there also was tremendous damage and debris everywhere! While the girls are looking around, One of the girls mentions that Superman should come back to clean up the mess or at least pay for the damages, while Anabelle asks Naomi and their friend if they would trade places with Superman; of course, one replies with a ‘Hell Yes’ while Naomi gives it some thought and responds that she would like to trade places with him.

Later, Naomi is checking out the footage of the battle on her phone, doing a search about it taking place in Port Oswego, but keeps coming up with zero results and auto-suggestions. This makes Naomi even more curious about what is going on until she gets brought back out of her train of thought with her boss begging her to get to work. While she was about to tell Anabelle to stop texting her, Anabelle replies back by telling her that Superman came back which causes our protagonist to race down to the scene of the fight again; only to come short yet again.

Image Credit: DC Comics, Jamal Campbell

Naomi is a smart teenager, curious and has a smart wit who has a keen interest in Superman. It becomes clear that there is more to this town and the mystery of her past when she met the tall, muscular mechanic named “Dee” who only gave her one clue, a date which she realized that was the same date she was adopted seventeen years ago!

  • One of the things I want to point out is that this book has more of an indie feel to it than your typical DC book. That isn’t a bad thing.
  • Using Superman as the catalyst for this woman’s journey to solve the mystery of her past is fascinating, Superman when growing up had to solve the mystery of why he was sent to Earth and who were his parents during his time in Smallville.
  • Co-Written by Brian Michael Bendis and David F. Walker, who co-created Bitter Root also has a new book on the way titled ‘One Fall’ and also making his return to DC, the first since his run on Cyborg; a fan favorite that was abruptly ended. It is wonderful to see him return, he is a fast-rising star in the DC Comic community.
  • The Artwork is beautiful and breath-taking, Jamal Campbell’s work is a treat to look at. The hard work he put in this first issue shows.
  • The comic has a classic feel to it, something that has been missing lately when it comes to mystery, not relying on shock value Bendis and Walker take it slow and ease when introducing us to Naomi and her world, not to mention her interest in Superman.

Final Grade: 7.5 out of 10

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