X-Men Issue #1 Review

X-Men #1 Cover

Here we are, the beginning of the new dawn for mutantkind, in our last review we had a look into the House of X and Powers of X; both set up the groundwork for this new world for Charles and the other mutants. X-Men Issue #1 is different from what we’ve seen in the past few years, as described best by Adventures in Poor Taste’s review of this issue was a look into the domestic lives of mutants. To me, My X-Men! The review begins.

The book begins with a young Cyclops and Professor Xavier, Xavier giving Scott a pair of glasses that allowed him to see the world without his powers destroying everything in his path. This was one of the things that were a good touch to add a nostalgic feeling for fans who grew up with the X-Men. But it also served as a reminder of HoX and PoX due to Moira’s involvement in multiple timelines, this almost felt like DC’s Flashpoint event in a way. But overall, this put Scott and his family at the center of the first portion of this arc. Also, this was a perfect issue for the characters to connect. This was missing when Uncanny X-Men came out, it moved too quickly into a Gimmick.


As we move further into the story, we see Storm and Cyclops storm a human facility but afterward, we see interaction with Magneto, who is hailed as a hero after he, Cyclops, Storm, and Polaris return to Krakoa.

Image Credit: Marvel, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby

Hickman does a great job with character interaction and showing off the Character relationships. But, he cannot take all of the credit for this, with the artistic team of Leinil Francis Yu and Inker Gerry Alanguilan, Colorist Sunny Gho has done a fantastic job in displaying the atmosphere; also capturing the darker tone of Storm and Cyclops’ dangerous mission at hand. Each page gives the reader a wary feeling of what is coming. The Mutants world isn’t perfect, but neither is our world in a way; Jonathan Hickman and his creative team set up elements that are considered to be a fan favorite while keeping the characters grounded and relatable.

Final Grade:

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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