Uncanny X-Men “Disassembled” Part One Review


The X-Men have faced a lot of challenges and unique enemies the past few years, whether it was Magneto, the Brotherhood of Mutants, Hellfire Club. That’s just naming a few but one of the evilest of things they fight in the ongoing battle? Hate. But today, we’re going to find out if they are strong enough to take on a Mutant “God”?

To me, My X-Men! Let’s begin the review!


“Where in the World is Kitty Pryde?”

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The ongoing question at the beginning of this issue was asked by a massive clone flood of Multiple-Men asking “Where is Kitty Pride?!” Jean sees the Multiple-Men getting killed left and right while the X-Men wonder why they are attacking, noticing their minds seemed fractured. Jean snapped out of her trance, asking where Kitty was. X-23 replied to Jean, telling her that Kitty was taking some of the students to do some training OPs before the press conference.

While the Class flies over Morrisville, North Carolina in the Blackbird, Pryde goes over the mission details with the class while some were vocal about their disappointment in choosing a villain to face but like Kitty tries to teach them “Every mission is an opportunity to learn something.” As they began to get ready to land, she started to phase through the controls, the class panicking as their teacher disappeared leaving them to pilot the jet before it crashed into the building, causing a massive explosion. (Better contact Acme CrimeNet, might give Carmen Sandiego a run for her money!)

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Meanwhile, in Botswana Africa, we find Storm and Beast studying the change of environment in the Kalahari Desert. Usually, it is dry and hot in a desert but a spring mysteriously forming out of nowhere as Hank McCoy points out while gathering samples of the water, stating “Even a Backyard KOI pond needs time to cultivate the proper bacteria before it can sustain life.” But in this case, there are plants, fish that are not native in the area in the now apparent lake. Storm has tried time and time again to control the weather in this area, whether to shift the winds or abate the rain. Some mysterious force is working against her! Back in North Carolina, the class survived the crash but sustained serious injuries, Armor asks where Oya was but got greeted by Fore Arm and The Mutant Liberation Front.


The class fights the Mutant Liberation Front, Glob calls for backup and Nightcrawler answers the call, telling the team they will be sending back up. The Liberation Front is baffled, asking the X-Men why they would protect people with no powers instead of helping their own kind, just then, Multiple-Man pops up out of nowhere demanding to know where Kitty Pryde was, Anole responds that she vanished before passing out. Multiple-Man was too late. Polaris, Nightcrawler, and X-23 arrive on the scene! Helping the class and defeating the Liberation Front.

In Manhattan New York, at City hall was the big press conference with Senator Ashton Allen; Another X-Men group were in the audience, watching for any unusual or suspicious up until another Multiple-Man from out of nowhere takes the Podium and rambles on, noticing Kitty wasn’t there. Jamie looked into the crowd and remarks “They’re right on time” which meant Jean’s vision came true! Multiple-Men clones engulfed the area and the entire press conference. While the X-Men fought the clones and in the massive confusion, Senator Allen was kidnapped. We are brought to another location where Kitty Pryde and The Senator are tied to chairs, wondering where they were and who brought them here; just then a familiar voice was heard, it was Apocalypse! He too was being held captive.

Timeline Fugitives

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This was a four-part story in this issue, “What tomorrow brings” sheds some light on Issue One’s main story; Part one is about Bishop doing some detective work, using a bracelet that tracks time anomalies or fractures. The clues he picked up on leads him to one man, Sugar Man, a refugee from an alternate timeline known as the Age of Apocalypse; who oversaw the human work camps before he could get anything out of Sugar Man, Bishop was knocked out, time passed as Bishop regained consciousness, Sugar Man was torn in half! Someone didn’t want him to talk it would seem.

Part Two brings us to Midtown Manhattan, Jean Grey is sitting in a coffee shop, listening to the news on the television and glancing at her cell phone. An older lady comes to her table, asking if she would mind having some company, Jean replies saying she doesn’t mind but she was waiting for her friend to arrive. As they listen to tidbits of the news, Jean introduces herself which the lady remarks that Jean’s name sounded lovely, but a bit old-fashioned. The conversation is an odd one dwelling into the personal ideology of how far humanity has fallen and how dark the times have become. It leaves Jean a bit surprised and shocked before Jean could respond with her answer, the old woman was gone and a stranger breaks through the glass ceiling, preparing to attack everyone in the building. Meanwhile, in the sewers, Anole and Armor investigating the area before being ambushed by Dark Beast, another refugee from Age of Apocalypse who was on the run. Before Jean can put the enemy to “Sleep” a powerful telepath takes over the humans! Though, realizing his mistake the mysterious stranger disappears withdrawing from the fight but not before making it known that his power rivaled Jean.

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Final Grade: 7.5 out of 10

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