The Desert Bus for Hope has raised $152,573.84


Today, there is an event going on that is for a good cause and the event is called Desert Bus for Hope. The Desert Bus for Hope was started in 2007 by an Internet Sketch Comedy group called LoadingReadyRun, the event combines Video Games and Tedium to benefit Charity.

Desert Bus is the World’s Longest Internet-Based fundraiser and has raised more than $4.4 Million for Child’s Play in its Ten Year History. Today, it is Day Two of the Desert Bus for Hope event and it has raised around $154,991.09; Almost 27 Hours into the 137+ Hour Run.


What is Desert Bus?

The game they are playing is the SEGA CD video game called Penn and Teller: Smoke and Mirrors, having several mini-games and considered to be an Adventure/Platform, in 2005 a copy of the game surfaced online and it has become a Cult favorite.

How can I help and watch?

If you’re wanting to help, you can click here. Included is the Twitch Channel that the event is currently being broadcast on.

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