Steven Universe: The Movie Review


Finally, I had a chance to watch the new Steven Universe movie and I enjoyed it. If you recall the end of Season Five, with it receiving praise for the showdown with the Diamonds and then Steven helping them change their ways (I would describe the Diamonds as Fascist but that word is thrown around and used too much,) if it were to be canceled that would have been the perfect way to end it; but luckily it didn’t end there. Rebecca Sugar brings us a new villain in this new film, named Spinel and she is ready to destroy Steven and his friends.

The beginning of the movie is wonderfully done, in subtle ways the opening sequence is a nod to anime films while there aren’t any Gems or people in the opening credits, there is a certain emotional feeling to it and it just brings a smile to your face from just to see how far Steven and the rest of the Crystal Gems have come. Speaking of Crystal Gems, we see Lapis, Bismuth, and Peridot helping the reformed gems with building a new home on Earth.


Spinel is one of the most fascinating new characters that have appeared in this series so far, her fighting style was similar to Soul Eater’s Maka Albarn. I say this because of Spinel displaying her skill as a Scythe Meister, her past was a sad one (and damn, it made me dislike Pink even more).

Getting the Gems back to their normal selves again was a good way to show fans who were new to this series how their favorite crystal gem had come, from their lowest point to the highest. It was great to see Amethyst’s backstory, over the years we have seen more of Pearl and Garnet’s journey but Amethyst’s journey was a bit overlooked but the movie finally gives her the moment the fans’ have been asking for.

Final Grade:

Rating: 7 out of 10.

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