Black Lightning Season Three Episode One and Two

Black Lightning has been one of CW’s big shows, would have to say bigger than the Arrowverse shows I dare say because from the get-go this show has tackled tough subjects that have been on the news and what is happening currently in the world; whether it be Police Brutality, racism, racial stereotyping, the list goes on. But, if you recall at the end of season two we witnessed Freeland being taken over by the ASA and declaring martial law, anyone suspected of being a Metahuman is collared, taken in for questioning and forced to stay for days at a time, which now Jefferson has been taken in! Now with Season Three beginning, things are starting to pick up even more as Markovia is getting ready to go to war over Freeland’s supply of Metahumans. Time for the review of Episodes One and Two.

It began with people getting questioned, asked if they had meta powers and what does it do, or others that are pulled in due to being suspected in being a meta. We’re also seeing some familiar parallels between what is going on in the world today such as a small group of people consisting of Anissa, a nurse, Congresswoman touring a “Medical Clinic” and see the inhumane conditions that people are being put through. The Parallel I am referring to in this case is what has been going on at the Texas Border recently with the Border Camps, but as we move through the episode we see Anissa taking on a new hero role called Black Bird, she is hitting the Meta Bus Routes and freeing the ones who were captured. The Black Bird scenes are phenomenal, we have been seeing Anissa grow into her own the past couple of seasons and seeing Jennifer training, honing her new skills is fascinating (some would remark it being slow but you can’t rush it, that is a complaint I have when it comes to introducing either a new hero or a new team is that there are some that expect them to be perfect on the first issue; you couldn’t get away with that today, but that is for another time..) With Jefferson and Lynn in ‘Protective’ Custody, Anissa and Jennifer have taken the role of their parents in their absence.

With the Markovian threat looming, there is another threat that is lurking in the shadows and that Issa will learn the hard way when Odell used him to interrogate Tobias, who we witness that he has grown visibly older and trying to resist Issa’s Meta power of telling the truth and Tobias tells Issa that Proctor was just the scapegoat, Odell, who works under the POTUS, his mission is simple: Obtain all Metahumans in Freeland, turn them into weapons, and erase evidence of the ASA’s connection to the POTUS. Odell poisoned the Teen’s food and made a story up to Lynn to cover up any involvement in his death.