Latest Trailer for My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising teases Fan Favorite Pro-Hero Anime Debut

Season Four is set to debut tomorrow, with adventures that haven’t been adapted from the Manga yet it is nice to see the franchise introduce a number of characters that haven’t had an official anime debut, but it quickly changed as of the Pro-Hero known as Hawks came into the picture as of the recent trailer for the second feature film of My Hero Academia:

In a way, this is a clever marketing strategy in part of Bones and Toho Animation for Heroes Rising; if you aren’t familiar with Hawks (and I apologize for the spoilers if you haven’t caught up in the manga or Anime) after the recent battle between All-Might and All-For-One with All-Might retiring from the Hero scene, the Former No. 2 The Flame Hero known as Endeavor took over the Number one spot and Hawks taking the Number Two Spot.

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