Batwoman Pilot Review


Sunday night was Ruby Rose’s big night, the premiere of her new show Batwoman and a good opportunity to prove critics wrong. How does it fare? Better grab your Utility Belt because we’re beginning this review!

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It has been three years since Batman ‘left’ Gotham, there are some that either have given up hope or still cling to the hope that Batman will return. This is a tad different from the comics however when it comes to Kate and her dad; her dad was still involved in the Army, but also knew about Kate’s double identity. On the show, Kate’s father runs a private security firm called ‘The Crows‘, the series echoes Arrow too much and here is several examples of that:

  • Luke Fox: Like Felicity, Luke is a geeky, wisecracking genius who doubles as the Sidekick.
  • Jacob Kane: Obsessive with Law and Order, most likely will be the Jim Gordon type of Character of the series, but also reminds the viewer of Quentin Lance.
  • Catherine Kane: The wealthy, powerful socialite who is Kate’s Step-Mother, also with a mysterious past like Oliver’s mother, Moira Queen.
  • Sophia Kane: She is Spoiled but looks to be destined for something more; being like Thea to Oliver.

The Action Sequences were done well, Ruby Rose does her Action scenes while it is dangerous it also gives the viewer a look at how dedicated she is to the role, and what Batwoman means to her. The Villain in this story is Alice, who was presumed to be dead due to a tragic accident involving her, Kate, and their Mother; Batman tried to save them but for some reason disappeared after that. She might say random quotes from Lewis Carrol’s Novel ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland‘ but there is no affiliation with Jervis Tech, The Mad Hatter.

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Another thing that was different is the Flashback Sequences, instead of what made Kate the person she is today from her Past, it only traced from being an ex-soldier up to taking the mantle of the Bat. The only glimpse we had of her childhood was with her sister and playing in Bruce’s office. But we have to remember, it’s just a pilot, we’ll start filling in the blanks during the first season.

Final Grade:

Rating: 7 out of 10.

You can stream Batwoman on the CW Website, app HBO MAX, iTunes, and Google Play.

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