Super Mario Maker 2 Review: Building a Dream

Ever since we have first played Super Mario whether it be on the NES, Super NES or any other Nintendo Console fans dreamed and fantasized about making the most epic, amazing level that would have other gamers minds blown. In 2015, that dream became a reality when the first Super Mario Maker came to the Wii U, letting fans get their imaginations to grow and expand. With Gamers posting videos on Youtube of custom levels it was clear to see that fans were demanding a sequel, then on February 13th, 2019 we got our wish come true; Super Mario Maker 2 appeared on a Nintendo Direct Presentation and it created such buzz. Now it is time to move onto our review of Super Mario Maker 2!

It might look, feel and play as its predecessor but it’s still one of the most imaginative, fun and creative games that have ever been created. When it comes to Complicated elements such as the enemy AI, setting both the beginning and endpoints of the level; that is taken care of for you which leave you to focus on the fun part of the game, laying out the building blocks for the level. The menus are still the same as its Predecessor, everything that made it fun such as the core building blocks, the tools, Mario’s trail in Create mode to identify proper jumping distance is back again for another round of fun. The bigger updates are more noticeable is the additions that were added in this Sequel.

The Templates to choose from was Super Mario Bros. (NES), Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros. U; the only addition here was Super Mario 3D World but caution when switching templates when you switch to the 3D World you’ll reset everything you had on the level you were working on already. Another problem you’ll run into is that when swapping templates it won’t be easy as fans would remember which is disappointing but the new 3D World tools that are worth the limitation.

The Koopa Troopa Car is a fun addition to Mario Maker, but one of the things you’ll have to be cautious about is that this new addition will lock you in a fast auto-run, this creates a high-speed platforming challenge. One of the bigger additions to the game is the slope, you can finally have the option to create vertical levels that have unique and challenging challenges to complete. You can craft and play scenarios that can have either Puzzle-solving, collecting a certain amount of coins, cannot jump or better yet, you cannot move. One of the complaints most fans have had is missing the use of the stylus, but on the positive side it works well on the touchscreen and when in dock mode. When playing in handheld mode you are forced to use the touchscreen; when operating in Co-op mode there is a certain learning curve to get used to and it is unwieldy at times but making levels with a friend is fun right?

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