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Hideo Kojima releases ‘Death Stranding’ briefing trailer in 4K

Hideo Kojima is ready to show off Death Stranding, releases 4K Trailer and offers Livestream.

In a new post from Engadget that shows Kojima Productions released a new briefing trailer on their new highly anticipated Video Game ‘Death Stranding‘ in beautiful 4K.

With the Tokyo Game Show coming up today and Kojima Productions getting ready to show off 50-minute gameplay, it is strongly suggested for the viewer to watch the briefing trailer (the trailer that was originally shown at Gamescom) first to help understand the main character’s purpose. On September 12th 3:30 PM Japan time/2: 30 AM US Eastern time, Kojima will start off the presentation with the fifty-minute gameplay footage of Death Stranding’s ‘Strand Game’ with how Sam reconnects with people and a dying world. Then, on September 14th he will present a Thirty Minute Gameplay of a specific location in the Death Stranding Universe.


If you’re wanting to watch Hideo Kojima’s TGS Presentation, click here.

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