Catherine: Full Body

“Why don’t you say it louder!? Seriously, stop yelling about cheating and shit! I think someone on Mars didn’t quite HEAR YOU!”

Vincent Brooks

Here we are again, from the people who brought you the Persona Series and the first Catherine video game comes back with Catherine: Full Body. You play as thirty-two-year-old Vincent Brooks who is dating a woman named Katherine, who wants him to settle down, get married. But nothing is ever simple for Vincent; he wants to continue living the single life, enjoy the “Freedom” while it lasts. However, two mysterious stranger enter into his life and chaos ensues; Can he overcome the Chaos and be with the woman he loves? Or will drown in his sorrow and chaos? Time for the review!

Credit: Atlus

It might be a re-release of the Playstation 3 but this time it brings in a load of new extras like Online Versus, a Remix mode, New Endings and to make special a brand new Character named Rin; who gets stitched into the game’s story. Now if you’ve never played Catherine then you’re in for one heck of a thrill ride, the game itself is a game that involves block-pushing puzzle mechanics but also involves an exciting love story about the consequences of infidelity, but it becomes deadly with each choice you make.

Credit: Atlus

As mentioned in our review earlier in the beginning, the stranger that enters into his life is named Catherine who Vincent meets after he was drunk; who is mysterious but also is a representation of what Vincent wants in life, a life that isn’t burdened down with stress or expectations that his current girlfriend Katherine who he has known since Highschool. After each time you’ve talked to either woman, hanging out at the bar with your pals you enter into this Dream realm called “Nightmare” in this stage you have to guide Vincent through an extensive block-pushing puzzle to make it up to the top of the tower.

Credit: Atlus

Final Rating:

Rating: 7 out of 10.

Even though it is a Puzzle game, it also doubles as an dating sim (odd as it may seem) but also even though it is an Re-Release of the original, this review is a non-spoiler review. If you’re a fan of Atlus and the Persona game line then I would like to recommend this to you.