Captain America: Winter in America TP Review


The papers tell us that the people rose up and destroyed Hydra, but I’ve been at war since I was a boy. These things don’t just end, somehow, the front always comes home; that’s where I come in. These men brought terror to the Capital of the Free World, but they also found me, A soldier at home or away, a Man Loyal to Nothing Except for the dream.” ~Captain America, Steve Rogers.

When I heard Ta-Nehisi Coates was going to write for Captain America I was excited. Ta-Nehisi’s run on Black Panther was one of the most fascinating stories I have ever read, to be honest, I didn’t immediately start reading Captain America right away; I started reading Captain America right around when Ed Brubaker brought Bucky Barnes back from the Dead. But now We’re moving forward to a time where the Nation used to love and adore Captain America, now distrusts him and from the looks of it, has lost faith in him. Who is this new enemy and what will Cap do to stop them? Let’s turn the page and read this new review of the Captain’s Chapter in life!

Credit: Marvel, Jack Kirby, Joe Simon

One of the things that worked so well for this book is not only the narration, Steve has seen and come across enemies that are vile and twisted but coming across homegrown terror like coming across these clones of Nuke; brainwashed and opening fire on anyone on sight. If you’re familiar with Nuke then you know-how volatile and aggressive he can get; in this case with these clones, they are even more aggressive than their predecessor. Ta-Nehisi’s political journalism fits in for Captain America, he has described Steve Rogers as having a “Lincolnesque optimism” and these Nuke Clones are the perfect allegory for White Supremacists. Captain’s inner monologue does drag on a little bit throughout the Volume but this collection does capture perfectly Rogers’ trouble and the Current Political Climate in America today; the fear of Russia meddling into politics, The Captain isn’t a stranger when it comes to political events; whether it was fighting Nazis, the Watergate Scandal and the War on Terror.

Credit: Jack Kirby, Joe Simon, Leinil Francis Yu

The artwork in this volume is great, Leinil Francis Yu’s Pencil work is fantastic in this series if you recall, he has done work for Marvel before and one of the projects he worked on for a couple of years was Wolverine started with issue # 113. The inking was handled by Gerry Alanguilan and Yu, the Colors were done by Sunny Gho; another thing that was working for this book to help set the tone of the atmosphere (the Gloomy despair) that Coates wanted to help bring out was that Yes, it is an espionage book but Leinil and Gerry’s ink and of course Sunny’s Colorwork was the combination to have for this book.

Final Grade:

Rating: 7 out of 10.

One of the best Captain America stories in recent years, the Political angle is strong and it is one of those espionage stories that can send shivers down your spine.

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