Shaq tries to score free animation from Artist Community, gets Technical Foul for relying on working for Spec

Shaquille O'Neal and WarnerMedia gets a Technical Foul for asking for free art and offering Spec instead.

Rule Number One when offering support to Artists, NOT to ask Artists to work for free. Former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal learned this the hard way when he released a video that asked Artists, Animators, to create Animation to promote his new Docuseries on TBS and TNT called ‘ShaqLife‘. So you’re asking yourself, what’s the problem? The problem is he didn’t offer a guarantee of payment, plus when to ask an Artist and Animator to make an Animation only relying on “Exposure” and promising with the common phrase “I’m going to make you famous!” In the video listed below, He is offering $500 for animators to produce entire short films that are all about him.

With Shaq getting a lot of the heat for this awful idea, it is the networks, TNT, and TBS (which are both owned by WarnerMedia; a division of the telecom giant known as AT&T) that spend millions of dollars annually to create original animation for studios that it owns such as Warner Bros. Animation, Cartoon Network, Warner Animation Group, Adult Swim, Ellation Studios, and Rooster Teeth; not to mention other studios in which they outsource productions. So, why in the blue blazes would they for free animation to promote a show about a Sports celebrity? Especially when the Networks already have vast knowledge and knows the value of quality animation. I guess for a short and sweet answer is this, they are cheapskates and SUPER STINGY. For more on why Spec is bad and when companies do it, it is Illegal visit NoSpec.


Artists Response:


Shaq’s Response:

A Proper reminder for people who are looking for Artwork and Wanting to Commission someone. Support your Local Artist!

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