New Controversy surrounds Toonami, claiming it isn’t altering Fire Force Episodes

Fire Force may have made its way to the Toonami Block much to the delight of fans of the Shonen Anime thanks to the partnership with Crunchyroll, but fans have claimed to have seen a couple of pieces of Toonami’s broadcast was censored. But Jason Demarco took to Twitter to answer a fan’s question regarding the censorship:

But Demarco had to double down on his explanation when a fan found it unlikely for a US licensor of Fire Force like Funimation to censor the show:

If you’re not aware of the controversy, Fire Force fans began to question why a certain scene from Toonami’s latest episode went live; Episode three introduced a character named Tamaki Kotatsu, who revels in Fan-Service. She then meets Shinra, Tamaki’s Lucky Lecher Lure technique is activated, and it leads Shinra to unwittingly touch her inappropriately. While these explicit scenes were not shown on Toonami broadcast but other streaming services kept the scenes and footage intact. No one knows who is behind the censorship but this lead to fans becoming even more curious about the grounds on Toonani might censor an anime for. If you recall earlier this Summer due to the recent arson of Kyoto Animation that had killed 35 People, sensitivity was on everyone’s mind time will tell how the rest of season one will play out.