Kyoto Animation President Hatta considers demolishing 1st Studio Building to build Public Park with Monument


I would like to remind our readers from yesterday that I will not be publishing the suspect’s name in my coverage of the Kyoto Animation Fire out of respect for the people, victims, and their families who were affected by this tragedy.

Kyoto Animation’s President Hideaki Hatta held another interview for the mass media on Saturday, he mentioned that he was considering demolishing the 1st Studio building and creating a public park at the spot of the fire, that would include a monument.

“When I consider the staff and the people in this neighborhood, there are people who don’t want to see such a gruesome sight.

Hideaki Hatta

Hatta is also considering a memorial ceremony for the victims. Company President Hatta also told the press that he appreciated all of the emotional support and messages from fans all over the world; saying that it is becoming their emotional support. Also, there is an update on one of the 34 victims that were injured in the fire; one victim had to have their legs amputated, meanwhile, South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has released a statement that confirmed that one of the injured is a South Korean citizen. Also on Saturday confirmed by NHK that through an interview with a relative of a victim that Friday that the police will need to conduct DNA testing to identify some of the victims and that testing will take up to a week.


According to a Kyoto Fire Department Official that was interviewed on Friday mentioned that the building did not have any sprinklers or fire hydrants installed since it wasn’t legally required by the Fire Code. Because the was classified as an “office”, it was not required to have such equipment. An October inspection of the building found that fire extinguishers and emergency alarms were installed as required. For more on Kyoto Animation’s President and his interview, Reuters has more information.

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