Brandon Routh’s Superman to return for Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover


Crisis on Infinite Earths just got a little more interesting as news straight out of SDCC has it that we will see two Supermen for the CW’s Arrowverse Crossover event! Tyler Hoechlin and Brandon Routh will both be Superman, according to a new report from Deadline. If you’re a new DC Fan and not sure what Crisis on Infinite Earths is then let’s bring you up to speed!

Credit: George Perez, Marv Wolfman, DC Comics

Crisis on Infinite Earths is a 12 issue limited series written by Marv Wolfman and penciled by George Perez, it ran from April 1985 to March 1986 and it was described as a Crossover event, plot elements were featured in tie-in issues of other publications. Since its publication, the series has been recollected, reprinted in various formats and editions.

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