Time to ‘Switch’ to Lite, Nintendo releases a variation of its Switch Console

These days it seems that everything is becoming a tad smaller, from Cell Phones to Tablets it has become the trend and take it from a tall guy like yours truly it can be disheartening! But I digress, today Nintendo unveiled a new Console (No, it isn’t that N64 mini you’ve and I have been fantasizing about dear readers; ) we’re talking about the Nintendo Switch Lite.

What’s different about this you might ask? For starters, the Joy-Con Controllers are non-removable, no HD Rumble feature, the Screen has been shrunk down to 5.5 in. instead of the traditional 6.2-inch sized screen. But with the shrinkage comes with more Battery life as the Nintendo Switch Lite will have a battery life of 3-7 hours, it has about 30 minutes more than the original does. As Engadget highlights in their latest article concerning the new Switch-Lite, you can have four more hours of Zelda playtime instead of three. You cannot connect it to the Television sadly.

Credit: Nintendo, Engadget

The Switch Lite will be available on September 20th priced at $199, but if you’re a Pokemon Collector you’d most likely waiting for this Pokemon-themed Switch Lite listed below:

Credit: The Pokemon Company, Nintendo, Engadget

If you’re interested in purchasing the Original Nintendo Switch, Click the Image and let our pals at Amazon help!