The Battle of the Streaming Services continues..

It comes to a surprise for many but WarnerMedia is using a Brand for their Streaming Service

Credit: WarnerMedia, Variety

There are quite a few Streaming Services on the Market today, whether it be Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Starz and of course Amazon Prime but with Disney entering the fray Warner Bros. isn’t far behind as it announced today that the new service is described as a “Direct-to-Consumer” and it isn’t coming over alone, it’s bringing over Friends! No, not friends from work but Friends the series; which lead to heartbreak for fans watching on Netflix, it is following a similar trend another show already did, it was called ‘The Office‘ which two weeks ago was announced to leave Netflix for NBC’s Streaming service called NBCUniversal; The Office will premiere in 2021.

WarnerMedia’s service will have a wide launch in Spring 2020 but it will have a limited launch later this year, With the Company’s vast TV and movie library, HBO Max will feature original projects from stars such as Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, and Anna Kendrick. For more information on Warner Media’s plans, Costs and such, The Wall Street Journal has a good take on this topic. The Battle of the Streaming Services will continue to get wilder, but with Disney + Flexing their brand muscle when it comes to affordable pricing; What will other competitors such as Netflix do?

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