Disney unveils Streaming service, coming Nov. 12th


Disney flexes their Brand Muscle, throws down the Gauntlet!

It finally happened, Disney has thrown down the Gauntlet! Showcasing a new price that will put Netflix and other streaming services on notice that The Mouse isn’t playing around. You recall that Netflix had recently announced that they will raise their prices in May, in the long run, this will hurt Netflix and with Disney Plus coming in November, it will have Netflix and other streaming companies scrambling to keep their customers from jumping over to Disney Plus.


What does it offer?

What we already know is that they will offer the entire Disney Vault of family-loved films, Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel. From what we learned at the Investor Demo we saw that National Geographic will be on there, also a new show starring Jeff Goldblum called ‘The World according to Jeff Goldblum‘; as far as Marvel goes for shows we’ll see shows such as one involving Wanda (Scarlet Witch) and Vision titled WandaVision, fan favorite Tom Hiddleston will return to play Loki, Kevin Feige described these new Marvel series’ and Marvel Studio exploring the MCU in “fresh and exciting ways“. It was confirmed that the Sequel of Disney’s Cashcow film Frozen, Frozen 2 will be a Disney Plus exclusive by the time when it comes to digital release; the first film along with other Disney Signature Films will be available to stream on Day One.

Credit: Disney Plus, LucasFilms

Lucas Films Executive Kathleen Kennedy announced the new Star-Wars Live Action show The Mandalorian has finished filming and will be available to watch when Disney Plus launches in November. She went onto confirming another show that stars Diego Luna, as well as another new season of The Clone Wars, will be included for Disney Plus.

Credit: Walt Disney

Speaking of Live-Action, Disney will be making several Live-Action entries for its service including the new Holiday film starring Anna Kendrick titled ‘Noelle‘ as well as a new Live-Action film of the Disney classic “Lady and the Tramp” with a star-studded cast Tessa Thompson, Justin Theroux, Sam Elliott and Janelle Monae.

Credit: National Geographic Channel

National Geographic is bringing quite a few number of shows, documentaries from its library to the Streaming Service, as mentioned before there will be a show from Jeff Goldblum will be going in-depth with various items and ideas. The other show will be called ‘Magic of the Animal Kingdom’, which is set at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Epcot Seabase Aquarium, providing an “all access pass” at the work going on there and around the world to protect the animals.

Credit: Walt Disney

Following their Film Line-up momentum, their television channel will be offering new shows such as High School Musical: The Series, a spin-off to the widely successful musical film franchise. Also following the singing Teens will be a new Phineas and Ferb movie on the way, along with over 5,000 content and 100 Disney Channel Films ready to stream on Day One.

Other things Disney Plus offers, including price and Bundles

Wait, Did we just read that headline right? Yes, Disney Plus will be offering Bundles too! Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ for one price, with the bundled services potentially available at a discount. Additionally, users will be able to download Disney+ content directly to their devices. For the price, we’re looking at $6.99 a month with $69.99 price for an annual subscription, best of all, its Ad-Free.

As far as where you’ll be able to watch, we saw the app running in a smart TV UI that looked like most Apple TV apps, as well as a tablet interface. The goal is to have it everywhere, and while Disney announced Roku and PS4 as partners by name, it plans to have availability on the usual list of TVs, set-top boxes, dongles and game consoles when it launches.


Disney revealed its plans for a “worldwide” rollout touching all of the “major” regions in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America over the next couple of years. It doesn’t sound like it will touch Netflix’s actual worldwide ability that skips only a few countries, but should reach most of the larger markets by 2021.

For more on what’s coming, head over to TVLine. What are your thoughts on Disney Plus?

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