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CNN goofs, Reports Marvel canceled The Walking Dead

CNN goofs up on Social Media, meanwhile, this article might contain horrible mix-ups!

So, do you remember that time Shane became the Punisher? And Rick passed on the Shield so Carl can become the next Captain America? No? Oh, that’s right, we’re mixing up our Comics again! Netflix was supposed to be canceling Good Omens while Amazon was going to ‘Kill’ off Stranger Things, I must have missed those memoes.. Bear with me guys and gals my joke from earlier might backfire, you see, CNN decided to report on Marvel Zombies; Things couldn’t get weird right? Well…

Credit: AMC TV, Robert Kirkman, Image, Skybound

What they were trying to report on was the recent announcement of The Walking Dead ending tomorrow and then also bringing up Marvel with their Zombie Comic “Marvel Zombies” making their return in October.

Then there is this lovely mess.

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