US Review

“The end of our dance, the Tethered saw that I was different. That I would deliver them from this misery. I found my faith, and I began to prepare. It took years to plan. Everything had to be perfect. I didn’t just need to kill you. I needed to make a statement that the whole world would see.”-Red.


Horror. An art that if mastered properly can bring fear, suspense, and a sense of thrills; but in most Hollywood films today that is described as “Horror” only rely on certain gimmicks to make a quick buck but that isn’t the case with Jordan Peele’s recent films. In Get Out we witnessed brilliant acting and a great script, a film that didn’t stick with Hollywood’s tiring trope for horror and that was jump scares, gore, and of course, Sex to win viewers over. But this time in our review we’re going over Mr. Peele’s latest film titled simply as “Us”, a psychological horror film that beckon’s the question “Am I my own worst enemy?

This time around Jordan Peele brought his ‘A’ Game as he dials the horror level to a solid 10. Actress Lupita Nyong’o deserves an Oscar for her performance in this film, her acting was solid, she played both the protagonist and the antagonist. Winston Duke delivers a familiar sense of the All American father, one that makes corny jokes, protective, and is a kid at heart; the duality of each of one person’s ‘tethered’ is a fascinating take on Classism and Marginalization. By far I have to say that if we were going with the Best Film of 2019, most would say Avengers: Endgame, but I have to go with Jordan Peele’s Us.


Final Grade: A Perfect 10.

I have no complaints with this film, so many films on the market today rely heavily on special effects, CGI and as I mentioned before, too many familiar Hollywood Horror Tropes; this film brings back the dying breed of Horror that makes you think, feel and a lesson to the viewer that isn’t another marketed ploy to buy merchandise or to make money.

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