Aggretsuko Season Two Review


This season of Aggretsuko had more of the most relatable moments (Granted, some exaggeration) yet, we find Retsuko in another situation, this time the thought of getting married and starting a family, thanks to her mother. Can she break through this situation and find a Silver-Lining? But before we dive into our review, there is a quick warning to those who haven’t watched it.

Credit: Saniro, Netflix

With the return of Retsuko and her pals, we also see the beginning of introducing new characters, such as the Cynical mother; who comes into Retsuko’s house unannounced and cleans for her, she meddles into her daughter’s life, her Love Life and claims she wants the best for her and wants her child to be ‘Grown-Up’. It begins to interfere with her work life when she starts to get a personal call from her.

Credit: Sanrio, Netflix

We all have had this moment in our lives at work and home; can’t lie about it. Another moment is meeting the new worker Anai, a nice guy but has a terrible problem with handling advice; even if it was good advice it shows that he cannot handle it. Later on, we see other characters take on the spotlight for a change, showing them in a different light (Depending on how you feel about them). One of the other things that take on a usual trope and this is romance, with her mother’s meddling but with it also comes to her need of the married life and having children of her own.

Final Grade: 9 out of 10, bringing even more humor and touching moments that’ll bring a smile to your face.

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