Update on Comic Book Artist Tim Dzon


Comic Artist/Inker Tim Dzon has a new home, Thanks to Hero Initiative.

We have an update on Artist Timothy Dzon, two months ago he was facing eviction from his home and lost his job. But Thanks to our article and a tip to the Hero Initiative, Timothy got the help he was looking for.

The Hero Initiative helped him with moving, rent, and car repair expenses so he wouldn’t be homeless anymore. Tim is currently in the process of finding new work and he is thankful for everyone who helped him and spread the word on his situation. We here at Red’s Nerd Den are proud to hear Timothy is doing well and has a place to call home! If you’re interested in reading his Testimonial, Click here.

Credit: Marvel, Scott Kollins, Timothy Dzon, Stan Lee, Don Heck

The Hero Initiative does a lot of great work for Comic Creators and Artists who need emergency aid and financial support to help them. If you’re interested in participating in helping their organization, click this link to learn more.

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