Nintendo Conference

Nintendo comes in, Guns Blazing! Showing off fan favorites and new games galore!

He’s back! And this time he’ll have to save his brother and his friends! Luigi returns for another round as he is armed with his trusty Poltergust G-00 vacuum cleaner, he can slam his enemies and use the new suction shot that fires a plunger but do not be fooled by it, it will be quite useful! Also, for tricky puzzles now Luigi has a new partner, Gooigi; you might find yourself in a bind sometimes but don’t worry, your friend can play along and control him for co-op, fans will find this will be similar to using Cappy with Mario in Mario Odyssey. Also, stay away from Water. Water is bad.

A beloved classic is finally getting the video game treatment, The Dark Crystal will be coming to Netflix but it is gonna be released on the Nintendo Switch, but with a fun twist it will be combined with the mechanics of Final Fantasy Tactics. One of the best things about it is the turn-based strategy game that makes classic RPG fans go wild (Well, as a fan of classic rpgs and turn-based strategy games it will make me go wild lol).

With a charmingly nostalgic feeling to it, Link returns to the Switch on September 20th, 2019, plus it adds a new mode where you can design challenging dungeons to play through.

With Witcher coming to Netflix, Gerlat is also coming to the Nintendo Switch! One of the best RPGs on the market, It doesn’t have a release date but it is confirmed to be available sometime in 2019.