The Swamp has been Drained, WB cancels Swamp-Thing


After only having 10 Episodes, DC Universe’s Swamp-Thing is canceled

Even though it was unveiled last week, it is expected to complete its run on DC Universe, through August 2nd. Of course, there was no explanation given on why it was given a quick cancellation, sources say that it is due to a governmental budget error. Websites such as io9 mention that they were emailed by a man named Guy Gaster, who is the Director of the North Carolina Film Office:

“North Carolina’s budget discussions had nothing to do with Swamp Thing’s cancellation, The state offered Warner Bros. an incentive of just under $5 million for the series pilot and an additional $12 million—the maximum the state can offer as designated by state legislation—and Warner Bros. accepted those offers before production on the series began. Once their audit is completed to verify the production’s qualified spends, the rebate will be paid as agreed upon.”

Guy Gaster, Director of the North Carolina Film Office.
Credit: DC Comics ©, Warner Bros. ©, Len Wein; Bernie Wrightson 2019

As you recall, Swamp-Thing takes place in Marais Louisiana, the show was filmed in Wilmington, NC where it qualified for a multi-million dollar funding grant from the North Carolina Department of Commerce, the state sets aside roughly about $31 million for each fiscal year, for the grant program. Swamp-Thing qualified for a grant of up to $12 million, unfortunately, it only covered a portion of the overall costs of the show. Then, Star News reported that Swamp-Thing’s production budget for the first season was hovering around $85 million.

News after the budget issue came along, soon another issue came up, this time it involves a recent communication error, the North Carolina House of Representatives’ appropriations committee was led to believe that the grant fund had an excessive amount of $67 million dollars, which isn’t surprising that it didn’t have that. The mistake was caught by Gaster, Warner Bros. will receive what they were owed after the audit is completed. Again, Star News had published a new report, the report mentions:

David Rhoades, spokesman for N.C. Department of Commerce, which oversees the grant program, said Thursday that claim of an error on the state’s part is not true.

“The production company had a clear understanding of the resources available from the state under the grant program, and proceeded with the production here on that basis,” he wrote in an email.


It is a shame to hear Swamp-Thing was canceled, it had potential but was cut short in its prime. The Streaming Service is being reevaluated due to At&t’s recent acquisition of Time Warner as WarnerMedia has been put on emphasis on the launch of another Streaming Service. Time will tell on what will happen until then we’ll have to wait and see.

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