Google Stadia’s Price, Release Date, and Games revealed


Google has unveiled the Three things that fans have been curious about, Let’s break it down.

With our ongoing coverage of Google’s console The Stadia, here is the latest update from today’s Stadia Stream; Also, with e3 coming soon we’ll probably hear more about the Stadia.

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Not following the Netflix Model:

As much as fans will be disappointed with this decision, Google has decided not to follow Netflix’s model and will follow up with a subscription-based service and of course, the games will be for sale individually; the base price for Stadia will be around $10. And they introduced a Founders Edition Bundle, which is priced for $130, and for the Founders Bundle you get what is listed below:

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  • Three months of Stadia Pro
  • A Buddy Pass that allows you to give a friend three months of Stadia Pro
  • The exclusive Night Blue Stadia Controller
  • A Stadia Controller Power adapter
  • A Google Chromecast Ultra
  • A Google Chromecast Ultra Power adapter with an Ethernet port
  • Founder’s Stadia Name
  • Founder’s Badge
  • Destiny 2 with the Shadowkeep Expansion, Three Buddy Passes.

But, there is a catch to it; If you want to play it in 2019 you will need to purchase a bundle. It will be a slow rollout but with everything else unlocking in 2020 you will not be able to get a standard Stadia Pro subscription until next year.

How many accounts can you have for the Stadia?

According to Google, there can only be one user per Stadia account. It is tied to your Google account but you can have a guest account for split-screen gaming, however, there will be No Sharing Allowed. But, on a different note, a spokesperson from Google mentioned there will be family share in the future.

Resolutions and Internet Speed:

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According to Google, in order to play the Stadia, the minimum internet requirement is 10 Mbps, for a 720p experience meanwhile, going above 10 Mbps you can experience more, up to 35 Mbps you will be able to experience 4k streaming


What are the games coming to the Stadia?

According to The Verge, We got quite a selection to choose from the get-go, but if you’re not a fan of Ubisoft then this isn’t for you, here is a list of what is coming for now and if you click on the game names that are highlighted, those have links to their trailers:

Google Stadia’s Stream

For more information on the Stadia, please head over to Google’s Stadia FAQ. Also, The Verge has a good breakdown of the Stadia Stream.

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