Batman: Last Knight on Earth #1 Review

Come Join us on a journey into the apocalypse in Batman: The Last Knight on Earth #1 Review

“Let me hold you one last time.. Let me hold the boy I love.. And then I’ll say goodbye.” ~Alfred Pennyworth

Batman: The Last Knight On Earth #1 Cover 2019 DC Comics, Warner Bros. ©

Another night in Gotham, another night of mystery, crime, Despair for somebody; a case that needed to be solved, and the one to solve it is the Caped Crusader: Batman! To the untrained eye, it looked like your typical case of vandalism but it brought him back to the site of where it all began; Crime Alley! Of all the Psychotic enemies he had faced, the friends he lost in Crisis after Crisis and the Robins who had died and mysteriously come back to life doesn’t compare of the heartbreak and fear of losing your parents at a young age. Bruce’s heart begins to race, the pressure of a past memory clouds his mind. As he tries to examine a crime scene, it drowns out Alfred’s voice and then, BANG! Everything fades to black.


The Story

Credit: DC Comics, Greg Capullo, Bill Finger, Bob Kane
Warner Bros. 2019©

Scott Snyder, some would say he is overrated or a lazy writer but in my opinion, he is a great writer. Snyder and Capullo are at it again, this time bringing us another out of this world adventure with Batman, this time it’s another apocalyptic future setting that is similar to Mad Max (minus the leather). The Last Knight on Earth’s first issue is divided into four parts, the first part was one of the best moments in the book where Bruce woke up in Arkham Asylum only to find a familiar, sinister grin on the Doctor’s face; Alfred tells Bruce that he murdered his parents due to his mental illness and everything he experienced so far has been a fictional world that Bruce created to cope. But Scott does a good job on putting a gritty charm to this dystopic future Batman is trapped in, although it seems a bit odd for Bruce to clone himself I guess it makes sense in a way, to feed a bit of his ego and belief that only he can save the world. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the thought of Damian taking up the mantle of Batman but I am a fan of Terry McGinnis and the Batman Beyond Series.

The Art

Credit: DC Comics, Greg Capullo, Bill Finger, Bob Kane, Gerry Conway, Bob Oskner
Warner Bros. 2019©

The Art Team has been stellar in this first issue, transitioning from Gritty Noir to a realistic tone in the scenes at the asylum up to the hellish landscape above ground, and the last survivors underground who were going into hiding to Hades’ realm. As Bruce journeys on, we see that with every step it begins to get even grimmer and even darker as he leaves Wonder Woman and the Amazons.


Final Grade: 8.7 out of 10, if you’re a fan of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Batman run then you’re in for a visual treat. It makes me wonder what’ll be next for Batman and The Giggle Lantern (The Joker)

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