Coming this Summer to Crunchyroll: Dr. Stone

A new preview for Dr. STONE premieres, and will be added to Crunchyroll's Summer Line up.

Coming to Crunchyroll’s Summer Lineup, Riichiro Inagaki’s Dr. STONE, About a highly intelligent boy named Senku Ishigami and his friend the “Musclehead” named Taiju Ōki who awaken thousands of years into the future to find that human civilization, was brought to a halt, all humans were turned into stone. It is up to Senku and Taiju to rescue the global population and find a way to free the human civilization from their stone prison. While doing that, they’ll have to rebuild society from the ground up. For more on Dr. STONE, head over to Crunchyroll!

Credit: Crunchyroll, Riichiro Inagaki, TMS Entertainment

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