Saki Ogasawara to undergo Medical treatment, Going on Hiatus.


In early April, the Voice Actress was diagnosed with stage one Oral Cancer.

Ken Production Company which specializes in Voice Talent Management recently announced that one of their actresses was going to go into Hiatus due to Tounge Cancer, Saki Ogasawara a Voice Actress from Aomori Prefecture, Japan; best known for her work on shows such as The IdolM@aster, Show By Rock!!!, Girls und Panzer and My Hero Academia.

In April, Saki was diagnosed with Stage One Oral Cancer, it was announced on made on Monday, May 20th by Ken Production that she will be taking a hiatus from activities for a while to undergo Surgery and treatment. Thankfully, the cancer was detected early and the Agency gives their full support for Saki to concentrate on her treatment and return healthily early as possible.


The Red’s Nerd Den wishes all the best on Saki Ogasawara on her road to recovery and thankful that it was detected early on. Get some well-deserved rest

Itsuka Kendo, My Hero Academia

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