The Unstoppable Wasp has been Stopped.


With all the enemies The Wasp has faced, It was a company to bring down the Heroine’s Own Series.

A while back we covered a news story on the Unstoppable Wasp and her struggle with Bipolar Disorder, now that she faces another problem and that her series is ending. You’re not reading this wrong, Newsarama was the one with coverage about the announcement; it was made by the series writer Jeremy Whitley on Twitter, Marvel Comics gave him a date and it was on July with issue #10.

Now, Marvel has given me permission to share with you that, for the time being, issue 10 will be the final issue of this run of Unstoppable Wasp, I’m not angry. I’m happy we got to come back and tell the story I desperately wanted to tell. We got to share our GIRLs with the world in ways that I hadn’t dreamed of in the early going. There are still three issues left, but trust me, it will be three great issues! And issue 10, due out in July, will be the planned conclusion to this story. Don’t get me wrong, I always want to tell more stories, but this was where [editor Alanna Smith] and I planned to get when we found out the book would get to come back. So make sure you read these!

Jeremy Whitley
Nadia Van Dyne
Credit: Mark Waid, Alan Davis

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But do not worry, she will still be in the Champions, Whitley assured the fans. Issue #8 goes on sale on May 22nd, #9 on June 19th and #10 on July 17th. It’s a shame to see a good series ending, but at least we’ll see more of her on Champions. From Red’s Nerd Den, I would like to thank Jeremy Whitley and his team for bringing us a wonderful series.

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