A Chaotic Beginning.

The Forgotten Queen Issue #1 Review.

Was she a witch? Or something more?

A question that was asked throughout time but remained unanswered, until she answered the question herself, presented it in her ‘natural’ charm and that was a Sarcastic, foul-mouthed warrior with a wicked insatiable bloodlust and an appetite for War. Her name is Vexanna, but many knew her as The Warmonger. She was introduced in another Valiant Comic called, ‘Unity‘.

Credit: Valiant Comics

This tale is set between two time periods, we spend the first half in the present day, Somewhere along the Pacific Ocean; two research divers were on the search for artifacts and near a cave until they detect seismic activity. Something began to attack one of the divers, the crew aboard the ship were prepared to pull the divers back up until we realized there was someone deep below with the Divers!

We are then taken to 1200 A.D. the time period set in the time of Chinggis Khan (Would later be known as Genghis Khan); he was awoken to a guard alerting him to a traveler who was described as a “Witch”. This began to tell the tale of the infamous Warmonger, she told the ruthless leader that she was ” Bored, Immortal and had the hope of working with Khan in her search for a worthy opponent, to feed her insatiable bloodlust.” If she did meet this opponent what would this mean for her? Or her unfortunate opponent?

Credit: Valiant Comics

We go back to the present day, the crew pulled the divers back up to the ship, one of the divers survived but the other was still down there with whatever trapped them. The crew is reminded that who have been paid an exorbitant amount of money by an anonymous investor to recover some particular artifacts buried on the sea floor that was lost to time; While the importance of this location is obviously well-known to those familiar with her exploits in Unity.

Okay gang, let’s get down to business. What was best about what Tini Howard is doing with this new character is great! Finally, a female warrior who is ruthless and sarcastic! She may be unlikeable to some but Wow, what a fighter. The Character designer did an outstanding job with Vexanna, Amilcar Pinna did well with the art and portraying how fierce Vexanna could be and the environment around her. Honestly, this could be one of the best books out there on the market; it isn’t like the books Marvel or DC is putting out, the material stands out on its own, it’s clear to see why Marvel signed Tini Howard an Exclusive deal. Makes me curious to see how well the other three issues will fare too.

Final Grade: 8.9 out of 10

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