Google Announces Stadia, A powerful new Game Streaming Console. While Walmart tries to Compete with Stadia.


With admitting that he wasn’t a big gamer, Google CEO Sundar Pichi says, however, he has big plans for Gamers around the world. March 19th Google unveiled its new game streaming platform named Stadia, with a stated goal to bring the best games to everyone in the world.

“When we say everyone, we really mean it. It’s one of our most cherished values at our Company.”

Sundar Pichi
GDC 2019 Gaming Announcement: Stadia

Okay, Gang, Let’s get down to Brass Tacks.

  1. Google’s data center network powering Stadia covers 19 regions, 58 zones, and 200-plus countries and territories, bringing the 4K, 60-fps games to 2 billion people via any device using the Chrome browser.
  2. This means it’ll also include Desktops, laptops, tablets, and Televisions, meaning players can bring games like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey anywhere they take their devices and pick up where they left off.
  3. The PlayStation 4’s Tech Blades run at 4.2 GPU Teraflops, while Xbox One X’s Tech Blades run at 6.0 GPU Teraflops, while the Stadia’s Tech Blades run at 10.7 GPU Teraflops.
  4. It also supports Unreal Engine 4 and Unity. ID’s Marty Stratton said Doom Eternity already runs at 4K on Stadia with HDR at 60 fps.
  5. In the future, it will support 8K resolutions and 120 frames per second.

The Stadia Controller Specs:

Image Credit: Google

The Service works with existing USB controllers or a Mouse and Keyboard. Google designed its own matte white controller, which connects through WI-FI directly to the game that is running in the Google Data Center to ensure the highest possible performance. It also features two new buttons, the capture button is for sharing your play in 4K resolution at 60 fps. And then there is the Google Assistant button, it allows players the players to access the built-in microphone to get help when they are stuck directly with the A.I. assistant, which it can immediately pull up a walkthrough or advice.


It can integrate with YouTube?

Yes! Stadia Technology connects directly to YouTube, allowing players who are watching a game stream to click a “Play Now” button and be playing within five seconds. The Crowd Play feature allows content creators to stream directly through Stadia and even drop viewers right into their multiplayer sessions or queue them up for the next match. Using the new feature State Share, developers and streamers can share game states that drop players directly into moment or challenge for any game on the platform. Developers and Creators can build as many as sharable moments as they want. Q-Games founder Dylan Cuthbert developed an entire game around this new technology that will be revealed later this year.

Will there be Cross-Platform play?

Yes again, Google VP Phil Harrison says the Stadia will support Cross-Platform play and can migrate saves from pre-existing platforms. But unfortunately, he did not reveal which consoles or services are supported.

What games will be playable on the Stadia?

There will are hundreds of publishers and studios that are currently migrating games to Stadia. Bethesda, Ubisoft, Take-Two, Q-Games, and Tequilla Works all participated in the presentation.


Any Exclusive Games announced for the Stadia?

Google hasn’t revealed any platform exclusives, but the newly formed Stadia Games and Entertainment Division headed by former EA and Ubisoft executive Jade Raymond is committed to creating games specifically for the platform.

Does the Stadia have a Launch Date?

The service launches later in 2019, first in the United States and Canada, United Kingdom, and parts of Europe.

How much will the Stadia cost?

No details have been revealed yet, most likely there will be details revealed in the Summer, sources say this is a Netflix-Like subscription service, not a marketplace like Steam.

Also, reports show that the Walton Family (Not the memorable one we grew up watching on TV, unfortunately.) Is working on a competitor for the Stadia.

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