That’s the thing about Time Travel: Review of Captain Marvel: In Pursuit of Flight.

Review of Volume One of the 2013 Captain Marvel volume one.

At the beginning of our tale, we see the tag team of the Captains, Captain America, and Captain Marvel taking on the not-so-bright, Absorbing Man! Who unfortunately wants the Moonrock so he can have moon powers. (Though, unfortunately, he needs to absorb some book power in this case because the plan he has is horrible.) We see the Smart Aleck heroine take him down with ease! Also, have her pitted against powerful foes, not to mention matters of the heart such as seeing the original Captain Marvel, The Mighty Kree Warrior named Mar-Vell! That brings onto the subject of Time Travel, before meeting the former Captain, she was thrown into a battle deep in the past in World War II! There she meets The Banshee Brigade! Four tough Civil Service Pilots wanted to help the cause.

Another thing that made this volume great was the artwork by artist Dexter Soy and his work with more of a realistic approach to scenery and fight sequences, not to mention his Watercolor presentation, reminded me of another fantastic artist by the name of Francis Manapul, his artwork is out of this world; I recommend you to check out his artwork sometime.


Writer Kelly DeConnick really does a wonderful job in this, it was my first time reading a solo Captain Marvel book and it drew me in immediately, from the sass of Carol Danvers, her humor and her strength from physical to mental strength I can see why she is so loved by the fans and one of the biggest heroes in Marvel today.

Final Grade: 8.6 out of 10

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