NYPD Blue Veteran goes Rogue: Esai Morales hunts Titans in Season 2

EW recently reported that Esai Morales, who is known for his roles in tv shows such as NYPD Blue as Lt. Tony Rodriquez, Ozark’s Camino Del Rio. And movies such as the classic film ‘La Bamba‘ where he played a named ‘Roberto “Bob” Morales‘ the brother of the late Ritchie Valens, who was played by well known Singer, Lou Diamond Phillips. Esai will be playing the assassin Deathstroke in the second season of the popular show, Titans.

Even though we do not have a clue on when the second season will air, some speculate late 2019, early 2020 but until the air date is announced; here is what you need to know about Slade Wilson!

Deathstroke, an arch-nemesis of the Teen Titans who was created by Writer Marv Wolfman and Artist George Perez, who started out as an Elite Soldier before the government testing that enhanced his physiology to near Superhuman levels, which began to put him on the path of Darkness and Revenge. Later he became a family man, two sons, and a wife, but the rest of the world knows him as the infamous Deathstroke, a ruthless assassin who sells his service to the highest bidder, he never missed a shot and never gives up. Deathstroke was successful in tearing the Titans apart and avenging his older Son’s death in The Judas Contract!

But Deathstroke is a threat not to take lightly in the DC Universe, his presence is known on the small screen and now, the big screen. His first television appearance was on the cartoon series “Teen Titans” in 2003, years later he would reappear again in live action shows such as Smallville and Arrow. He would reappear again in other shows like Young Justice and Teen Titans Go! (Which Slade also appeared on their first Big Screen Film ‘Teen Titans Go! To the Movies!’) Speaking of big screen appearances, at the end of the Justice League film we see actor Joe Manganiello (Who fans knew from Sam Rami’s Spider-Man film portraying Flash Thompson.) Portraying the Assassin talking to Lex Luthor about forming a League of their own.