XBox Game Pass not happening on the Nintendo Switch anytime soon, Report finds.

A new report finds that the Xbox Game Pass will NOT be coming to the Nintendo Switch, at least not anytime soon. The report coming from reporter Brad Sams, a reporter who made a name for himself reporting on Microsoft and Xbox had the scoop.

According to Sams, citing multiple sources, the news of the Game Pass not coming to the switch might not happen now but ultimately Microsoft does want its Game Pass on everything but at the moment, it’s not in the cards. This conflicts with a report from GameInformer that claimed that the Pass was coming later this year.

For now, it isn’t entirely accurate but from what I have heard that Mr. Sams has reliable scoops and insider information, but speaking as a Gamer I would recommend having a “Wait and See” attitude about things of this nature, with E3 coming up in a few months it would be an ideal place for this kind of announcement. Hopefully maybe June 2019!

Will keep you all updated if more information comes up!