The Final Price! The Flash #65 Review


What do you get when you mix Tragedy, Destruction, Clones, Superpowered Venom, A Brother coming back from the grave and a city to protect from a super-powered girl who snapped and backed into a corner? A recipe for disaster! Can Batman and Flash stop Gotham-Girl? Or will her power take care of the job for them? We’re about to find out in this review.

Hang on tight! Spoilers ahead!

Credit: DC Comics

When we last left our heroes, things were looking pretty grim, Gotham-Girl took the full dose of Superpowered Venom and began to fight the duo at her full power! While Barry was handling crowd control and getting people out of danger, Batman trying to dodge Claire’s eye blasts and whatever she can throw at him. Flash grabs the caped crusader and pulls him out of the way telling Claire that ‘Heroes don’t kill other heroes’, as Flash and Batman try to talk her down and to get her to stop fighting she started to feel light headed, losing consciousness quickly. Batman raced towards her and cradling Gotham Girl in his arms, Flash quickly running towards the two asking if she died; Batman asks Barry to help him try to save her, in the middle of the whole ordeal Flash began to experience flashbacks of when he found Wally, doing whatever he could to get his pulse back and back to life.

Credit: DC Comics

After saving the city, Gotham-Girl and of course Iris, we see a change in Barry; No longer he was optimistic, hopeful; telling Bruce that “That Barry died along with Wally West!” Finally, Bats pushing Flash’s buttons the speedster gets angry, preparing to knock Bruce out but stops midway, saying if he did that, he would be no better than Batman. After leaving the Batcave, we find Flash at home, looking over a letter that Iris left for him; telling the Speedster that she knows he couldn’t give up being a hero but she wasn’t ready to pay the price for living that kind of life, so she left to think, figure things out.


There was no winner in this battle, only heartbreak and mistrust.

“…that’s the real cost, isn’t it? You can save everyone from this life but yourself. And then…you’re all alone.”

Iris West

You rolled the dice, knowing the risks and taking a really big gamble to become the hero and save the day. But behind the optimistic smile is the thought and question “Am I ready to pay the price?

  • Iris slapping Batman is one of the best panels of this year, it may have been all about Batman and Flash in this crossover but leave it to Iris to bring the two heroes back to reality.
  • The emotional impact of this story felt powerful and significant. Joshua Williamson brought us another great crossover and a good story.
  • Phenomenal artwork in this issue, the artistic team of Rafa Sandoval the penciler, Jordi Tarragnoa the inker, and Tomeu Morely the colorist are fantastic

Final Grade: 10 out of 10

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