Batman/The Flash Crossover: “The Price” Part One Review

Batman and Flash share a great sense of loss, Batman was one of the Architects of Sanctuary, a place that can help heroes cope with loss or other emotional trauma and was a place of healing. After the events of The Flash War, Wally West went to Sanctuary, but during Heroes in Crisis, he and many other heroes died. Barry carries guilt for sending Wally there. Now Barry and Bruce must work together on a cold case from the Justice League’s past. The question is, can they work together or will they be at each other’s throats?

Be prepared, now we’re going into Part One of our review titled; “The Price of Justice”! Also, stay tune for Part Two’s review coming this weekend.


We begin our synopsis with Batman, who is about to begin an autopsy on Wally West, however, he cannot bring himself to make the first incision. The incident at Sanctuary took a heavy toll on Bruce’s mind, wearing him down more with each waking minute. Later, there is a battle with the AMAZO Justice League. During the fight, Batman begins to experience hallucinations due to going on days without any sleep, took the form of heroes who died at Sanctuary.


Batman finally admits that he was following up on a lead on Gotham Girl, who started to escalate a series of attacks that were happening in Gotham City. Claire and her brother Hank who was codenamed Gotham, but were manipulated by Psycho-Pirate until Gotham died due to a side effect of the sibling’s meta power. Batman went onto saying that he benched Claire for her safety. With having believed that Gotham Girl was retired he turned his attention elsewhere without realizing that she began again on her mission. After the battle was over, we find Batman quickly leaving the scene in the Batplane heading straight to Central City with The Flash catching up to the caped crusader after realizing that Batman left the scene. The Scarlet Speedster catches up to Batman to find that The Flash Museum was attacked, the aftermath was devastating but after Bruce beginning to work on the scene at hand, Barry helping with the citizens who were affected by the attack; Batman telling Flash that they should combine the cases they were working on, work together like they used to which brought a memory of Dick and Wally having fun after stopping Grundy.

Credit: DC Comics

The mission was to bring her brother Hank back to life, with the issue coming to a close we see that Gotham is hooked up to something that is injecting Venom into his body. With his sister looking on with a deranged smile on her face.


Notes on our time in our first part of “The Price” Crossover:

  • Art is stellar in this issue, Guillem March’s detail with The Justice League stands out, almost bouncing off the page. Especially with how he handled two iconic heroes such as Batman and Flash with ease. Colorist Tomeu Morey is not left out of the praise, with March’s pencil work and Tomeu’s colors they make a terrific team.
  • Joshua Williamson’s script has been solid, it isn’t always an easy feat when doing a crossover but Williamson handles it with ease. Giving the reader a feeling of excitement and over the edge thrills, also a curiosity for what will happen next in the next installment of our crossover.
  • The feeling of being overworked, overstressed and overtired that Batman is experiencing is strong in this issue, with every step he takes towards solving what Gotham Girl is scheming and the toll of the Sanctuary incident causing him to break down bit by bit, it is something we haven’t gotten to see alot since Knightmare that ending with Bane breaking Batman’s back. This was perfect to explore, a feeling that we the readers have experienced in our lives in one way or the other.

FINAL GRADE: 8.5 out of 10

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