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Man and Superman Review.

My Review on a instant classic

If you are a long time fan of Superman, looking for something new to read or new to the Superman mythos then this is a Book you should look into buying. Marv Wolfman, a man who teamed with Legendary comic book artist George Perez assembled a team of teenage superheroes to fight evil villians such as the assassin/mercenary known as Deathstroke, then the duo brought the DC Multiverse to its knees in a Great Crisis; causing heroes, villains to work together and fight a Greater Evil.


Mr. Wolfman introducing to the reader the story of how this idea came to be, starting out as Superman Confidential it shows how the creative process begins in a way, Wolfman goes onto focusing on how Clark came up with this new identity and bringing it to life. Meanwhile, he isn’t alone in this adventure, popular Italian artist Claudio Castellini who is also known for his work in Marvel and DC; known also for his love of detail and technical detail shows in this book. This isn’t your typical origin story, it doesn’t dwell in the history we know, from what we have always seen was that he was brought to Earth after his planet is destroyed, lands onto earth in his rocket ship and then grow up to don the cape, the blue tights, and the red boots beginning his pursuit of truth and justice; this shows Clark’s relationship with Metropolis, wrestling with doubts with himself and his abilities this makes himself question his place in the world.

Castellini’s art is sensational, his work is timeless and doesn’t rely on flashy gimmicks like a splash panel, or polygon constructed panels. Hi-Fi’s colors are one of the things I cannot leave out and that was one of the things that made this book shine, with Castellini’s art and Hi-Fi’s colors it brings readers a feeling of nostalgia and emotion; I mention emotion because, with every panel, you are right there with Kent; feeling the moments of dread and wondering how you can make a difference, that is one of the things that Marv Wolfman does perfectly for the reader, setting up a story that can hook the reader in instantly.


I leave you on this review with a recommendation and great praise for the legacy that Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster worked so hard to bring the world. And praise and thanks to this great team, This book is by far one of the best stories in the Superman library that you should look into reading, a story that was left in a vault for the longest time finally brought out to light, given a chance for the world to see and read.

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