Luffy Is About To Become King of The McDeals In New McDonald’s Japan Promotion


I’m sure you’re familiar with Gol. D Roger’s Challenge for Pirates to Find One Piece, but are you familiar with his OTHER CHALLENGE? Why, it’s finding the hidden flavors in Japan’s McDonald’s Meals! It is the newest collaboration between One Piece and McDonald’s.

Recently, McDonald’s Japan announced a new collaboration with Shueisha based on Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece. The Fast Food Company revealed a full range of One Piece-themed promotions that ranged from the recreation of the iconic One Piece opening We Are, to Burgers and Commercials.

One Piece Tony Tony Chopper Vibrating PlushChopper has never been cuter (or more fun!) than he is in this adorable One Piece Tony Tony Chopper Vibrating Plush. One Piece fans will appreciate the authentic look of this plush. From his huge pink hat to his trademark blue nose and lovable smile to his reindeer hooves, Chopper was made with you in mind. Plus, as an added feature, give the attached string a tug and the Chopper will begin to vibrate, so just like that, Chopper will be ready to rumble!

But wait, there’s more! Aside from the new collaboration visuals featuring the regular Chicken Tatsuta and Yuzu-flavored Chicken Tatsuta, and the Rice Patty Variations, there are new visuals featuring the Straw Hat Crew, ranging from Franky, Brook, Nico Robin, and Ronoroa Zoro. There is even a Bounty Poster for their Chicken Tatsuta Meal! The collaboration begins on April 19th along with the burgers, Butter-Flavored Fries and Yogurt-Flavored McFrizz will be making a comeback, even a special Gol. D Roger item will be given out at random on Friday.

WE ARE! McDonald’s and One Piece Collaboration

Source: McDonald’s Japan Twitter

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