Fist of the North Star Co-Creator Buronson Donates To Help Hometown Kids to Go To College


In 2017, Yoshiyuki Okamura, who is better known as Buronson, and the co-creator of the manga series Fist of the North Star. Donated 400 Million Yen to his hometown of Saku City, Nagano, to help establish a scholarship to help local kids and be able to “help make their dreams come true.”

Meanwhile, Five years later, Buronson returned to his hometown of Saku City to donate another 400 Million Yen ($2.87 Million) and extended the program for another 10 years. The mayor of Seku City, Seiji Yanagida shared a picture on Twitter of him and Buronson at the ceremony and tweeted the news.


The Saku City SAKU Cosmos Scholarship Fund is named after Cosmos, a local flower in the area, not for spacefaring studies, which has helped 47 students in their studies by giving each 1 million yen per year in funds. This year will see 10 university students from Saku City who are starting in April 2023 receive the scholarship. The money not donated by Buronson is made up of other local donations and some government funds.

Buronson is currently writing Too Beat with illustrations by Shiro Yoshida in Shogakukan’s Big Comic Zenon.

Source: Crunchyroll

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